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This system is protecting our servers from attacks.
We provide an iptables firewall list of known spammers - email spam - brute force attempts.
Our automated systems create iptables firewall rules that can be indexed from any website, worldwide, at any time.
These iptables firewall rules are automatically inserted into your website's iptables firewall by our simple to use code snippet.
You can automate the iptables update by cron jobs which run typically every 15 minutes to ensure you are protected from all website attack threats.
If you are listed here you are blocked on all BlastFM Ltd / Expert Hosting Online websites
This system is database driven and fully automated, generating it's own iptables rules and making them available to any website with a small PHP code snippet
(Q) How many IP addresses would I need to block before attacks stop/slow down? (A) About 6 billion, use our established system.
Spamming/Attacking wasn't a very good career choice for you...

Current Rules: -A INPUT -s -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-net-prohibited

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Total Blocked IPV4 Addresses: 256
Total Blocked IPV6 Addresses: 0
Total Expired/Inactive Bans: 0

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